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Denver hardwood flooring contractorNo other flooring option offers the warmth, value, and beauty of wood. A popular feature among home buyers, houses with wood flooring in Arvada tend to sell faster and for a better price than those without. Wood is also a durable surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Your wood floors can last for many decades with proper care. In addition, it is easy to keep wood relatively free of dust and other allergens, making it an optimal flooring choice for anyone prone to allergies.


Wood flooring comes in a wide variety of wood species, surface finishes and widths. Oak is the most popular and is readily available. Other popular hardwoods for Arvada homes include cherry, maple, walnut, pine, poplar and ash. Many wood flooring manufacturers now offer exotic wood species as well. With so many different choices, finding the perfect hardwood flooring in Arvada has never been easier. The experts from JD Enterprise Inc can help you navigate the many options available to find the right floors to suit your needs.


Here are just a few of the wood flooring services we provide our customers:


New Floor Installation

Once you've decided on a hardwood flooring type, finish and style, finding the right installer is crucial. At JD Enterprise Inc, our entire team is experienced and skilled in the proper installation of all flooring systems, ensuring they'll look great and last for decades.


Carpet Removal & Disposal

Prior to getting started on installing your wood professionals, our crew will remove and dispose of your old carpets. This is an important step in preparing your floors and can be back-breaking work if you take it on yourself. We make the process quick and easy.


Floor Staining

Refinishing and staining wood floors is a multi-step process that may be best left to our experts at JD Enterprise Inc. Whether you want to restore your existing floors or update the stain on a new property, we'll take care of everything from start to finish.



Prior to staining or applying a varnish to your wood floors, we use powerful sanding equipment to strip and buff your hardwoods until smooth. With years of experience under our belt, we know just how far to go without causing issues with the subfloor.


Baseboards & Shoe Installation

When investing in hardwood flooring, it makes sense to add baseboards and base shoes. This frames the floor and adds a finishing touch to your installation. Base shoes then cover where trim meets the floor for a smooth transition and added protection.


Screening/Buffing & Recoating

If your wood floors are looking dull or have minor damage, JD Enterprise Inc offers cost-effective screen and recoat services. We'll prepare your floors using a sanding screen attached to a buffer, and then apply a fresh coat of finish. It's that quick and simple!


Subfloor Preparation

Before your wood floors are installed, our professionals will inspect your subfloor and fix any issues we find. From minor dips to extensive joist issues, we'll take care of all the prep work so that your newly installed floors will be squeak-free and ready to enjoy.


Matching Stains to Existing Floor

Staining wood is both art and science. At JD Enterprise Inc, we've spent years refining our ability to provide a nearly seamless match. Whether you're fixing damage or want to rip out carpet to create all-hardwood flooring, we'll make sure old and new look exactly alike.



Regular care and maintenance of your wood floors will ensure their long-lasting beauty. This includes bringing in our professionals for proper cleaning and polishing, which is a relatively inexpensive way to bring back your wood's luster and keep floors looking like new.


Custom Woodwork

When you work with JD Enterprise Inc, the final product is only limited by your imagination. We'll work with you to add custom touches that reflect your unique taste and style. We can mix different wood species, add medallions or patterns, even distress your floors.


Custom Borders

Define areas, create a frame effect or simply add a little panache to your hardwood flooring. With help from our experts, your border won't be limited to simply incorporating a different wood type or stain. Ask us about using stone, marble, brass, stainless and more.



When it comes to sanding wood floors, do you need a drum sander or an orbital sander? What's the best method for sanding in tight spaces? On damaged floors? With so many considerations, feel free to call us for the answers and sanding services you need.


Flooring Repair

A burst pipe, lack of upkeep, even a poor installation can lead to all kinds of issues and floor damage. At JD Enterprise, we've seen and repaired it all. Rely on our highly-trained hardwood flooring contractors to restore your floors back to like new condition.


Recoating & Refinishing

Depending on the state of your hardwoods, we'll recommend either recoating or refinishing. For minor issues, we'll lightly abrade the floor and add a fresh coat of finish. For deep scratches, scuffs or damage, we'll sand down to the bare wood before refinishing.


Damaged Board Replacement

Our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen are often regarded as wood flooring surgeons, possessing the skills to deftly pluck out damaged boards and seamlessly lace in replacements. They'll also sand and refinish the area for a like-new appearance.


Water Damage Restoration

Hardwood flooring is durable but not impervious to water damage. Here in the Denver metro area, we face rain, snow, hail and everything in between. If weather (or anything else) has wreaked havoc on your floors, we'll restore them to pre-loss condition.


Staircase Tread Refinishing

Your stairs take a beating from feet, pets, furniture being moved and more. Refinishing treads requires specific tools and a lot of time to carefully sand down each individual step. Instead of going DIY, let our flooring contractors take this task off your to-do list.


Prefinished & Unfinished

Choosing between prefinished hardwood flooring or wood that arrives unfinished for installation takes careful consideration of the pros and cons. At JD Enterprise Inc, we're experts at all types of wood flooring and will help with everything, decision to installation.



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